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Discover Everything You Need To Know The Truth About Cellulite

Truth About CelluliteUncomfortable and unattractive, nobody wants cellulite, on their own or anyone else. However while most people have no problems identifying it, scant few understand exactly The truth about cellulite.

Cellulite is fat that protrudes out from the lower layers of skin into the dermis, or outer layer of the skin. Cellulite gives a dimpled appearance to the skin, often grotesquely described as a “cottage cheese” look. Commonly cellulite is seen on the rear end, thighs, and lower legs, though it can appear elsewhere.

Surprisingly, modern science still knows very little the truth about cellulite  the cause or causes of cellulite. We do know, however that between 85% and 98% of women (that’s almost all women) have at least some cellulite somewhere on their bodies. So, contrary to popular misconception, then, and despite how used to seeing cellulite on obese people we may be, cellulite is not a derivative of being overweight.

Science has also observed the truth about cellulite is less common in men, leading many researchers to believe there is hormonal component to its formation. Prevailing theories suggest that the appearance of cellulite could be related to one’s diet, more specifically the ingestion of large amount of trans-fats as well as foods like pasta, white bread, and other foods heavy in white flour. Again, this is suspected, but not yet “known” or proven.

As is the case whenever a perceived new problem arises in our culture, manufacturers scamper to produce and release countless products targeting the cellulite-afflicted. You’ll find gels, lotions, pills and more all promising to rid you of that unsightly cellulite. Do they work? So far there’s nothing but anecdotal evidence supporting these products at best.

Another false hope in the battle against cellulite is liposuction, the removal of fat from the body through surgery. Liposuction does not suck out cellulite.

Some sufferers have found that certain kinds of massage may produce a temporary reduction in the appearance of cellulite on the body, but not a reduction in the actual existence of it. This is because there are no blood vessels in subcutaneous fat, so when the body is massaged and circulation below the skin is stimulated, the surface of the skin appears smoothed out. Massage, then, is only a superficial solution to cellulite, and one with effects lasting only for the short term.

The Truth About Cellulite Joey Atlas Program

The only steps so far that have shown to make any real and lasting reduction in cellulite are the same steps advised for proper and effective weight loss: a healthy lifestyle. Eating a balanced diet, drinking plenty of water, and getting plenty of both exercise and rest seems to be the only known remedy for unsightly and embarrassing cellulite. It’s not reinventing the wheel, and it’s no quick fix … but it works. And when it comes to looking and feeling good, what works is all that matters.

Joey Atlas, a trainer who specializes in women and the creator of the Truth About Cellulite - Naked Beauty program has an entirely different approach to get rid of cellulite and one which has been getting a lot of positive reviews from many women. Joey Atlas is certain that he knows the secret of getting rid of dimpled, lumpy skin using only one simple technique.

It’s also one of the most affordable and simple and logical methods that I’ve ever seen in this field which is full of scams and false marketing. For learn More Joey Atlas Cellulite Program Click Here

Joey Atllas Cellulite Checklist Program

Joey Atlas cellulite ProgramJoey Atlas is Womens’ Body Enhancement Specialist and Truth about Celulite Joey atlas is  One True Wat to Get Rid of Cellulite. Cellulite is fat that is caught between bands of connective tissue. The fat globules caught underneath the skin tend to create the appearance of bumps and ridges. It is difficult to get rid of, but not impossible.

Every woman can reduce the appearance of cellulite if she gets on and sticks to a cellulite reduction program. The best Cellulite reduction Truth about Cellulite Joey Atlas is unique movements focus on lifting, shaping and toning the muscle layers so they gently push outward against the skin – to bring back the smooth, tight and sexy appearance, while burning off any excess flab, if there is any.


The following Joey Atllas Cellulite Checklist Program is a list of things that people can do to treat cellulite. Sometimes it’s hard to stick to a program, but if a person gets organized and has a clear plan, then at least they have the tools to get started. Joey Atllas Cellulite Checklist Program checklist will provide a plan to reduce cellulite.

Joey Atlas Cellulite Program sample Instructions

Make a checkmark next to every item below on a weekly basis.

1.____ Cardiovascular Exercise: Cardiovascular exercise is essential in any cellulite reduction plan. It will help you to loose fat and increase circulation which also helps in the reduction of cellulite. You can do just two 10 minute bouts of cardiovascular exercise per day to get you started on the fat burning path. Just be sure that you get your heart rate high enough so that you are in the training zone. You can monitor your exercise intensity by being aware of your breathing rate. You should be breathing hard enough so that you can’t sing but you should have enough breath so that you can carry on a conversation. Try to fit in as much cardiovascular exercise as you can every week.


2. ____ Find one thing in your diet that you will cut out or substitute with a lower or no calorie substitution. Here are some examples: -diet soda or water for regular soda, -non-caloric butter spray for butter or margarine, -mustard mixed with nonfat mayo instead of full fat mayo for a spread, -carrot sticks instead of potato chips for a snack


3. ____ Keeping in mind your budget and accessibility, explore some of the various external treatment options. This may include topical treatments, Endermologie, massage and Joey Atlas Cellulite Exercise. When picking a topical treatment, it’s a good idea to review the list of ingredients to make sure that you aren’t allergic to any of them. The Truth About Celluite Joey Atlas Program is the first cellulite reduction treatment to be approved by the FDA. It’s relatively new, so you may have to investigate whether it’s available in your area.


4. ____ Use your Secret Weapon, your mind and visualize your body beautiful and cellulite free. This may sound very simplistic but it really works. Try closing your eyes and putting yourself into a relaxed state of mind. Slow your breathing rate down. Now focus and picture your body toned up with no cellulite. If this doesn’t suit you, then use visualization to picture yourself taking the steps to implement your plan to reduce cellulite. Many of us have trouble staying disciplined, so you may want to use this space to “see” yourself exercising and eating right. Give it a try.


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5 Tips The Truth About Cellulite Joey Atlas to Finally Get Rid of Cellulite

Joey Atlas – Know The Truth About Cellulite

Joey Atlas CelluliteThe Truth About Cellulite Joey Atlas have decided Naked Beauty Program to Makes Butt, Hips, Thighs & Legs So Smooths, Tight & Sexy about the first question of last week- how to banish cellulite.

Does not it seem as if summertime is coming a bit faster this year?  Every day brings us one step closer to busting out the bathing suits and baring our bodies.  This is the season when many people, women in particular, begin scrutinizing their body closer than always.


I was a bit surprised at the many misconceptions surrounding cellulite.  A lot of women asked if such-and-such cream would work, if they should stop eating cottage cheese or if surgery was their only option.


What exactly is cellulite and what is the best way to get rid of it?


Cellulite is nothing more than additional fat cells stored in your body.  We all have connective tissue that separates fat cells into little compartments.  Women have honey-combed shaped compartments and men have a crisscross pattern.  The honey-combed shape compartments are the reason some women have dimply thighs, or cottage cheese looking arms.


Getting rid of cellulite is simple, but not necessarily easy.  The only way cellulite can be reduced is to reduce overall body fat.  You cannot spot reduce or rub a cream on it.  You cannot starve yourself either.  The only way to rid yourself of cellulite is to follow these 5 highly effective Joey Atlas Cellulite, simple, and to-the-point tips.


5 keys Joey Atlas Cellulite Program to Get Rid of Cellulite

1) Eat 5-6 small meals throughout the day.  Each meal should be 2-3 hours apart.  Each meal should contain one protein and one carb.  The first meal should be eaten within an hour after waking.


2) Drink a cup of water at each meal.


3) Rest properly.  This means taking at least 48 hours between strength training the same muscles, and it also means getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep per night.  Lastly, it means taking 1-2 days off from exercising per week.


4) Cardio should be done at different intensity levels and different session lengths.  Consider doing a low intensity/long session, a high intensity/short session and a few medium intensity/medium length sessions per week.


5) Strength train each muscle 1-3 times per week.  You should lift a proper weight and perform the proper amount of sets/reps for your strength training method The truth about cellulite.  If you need more guidance or exercise ideas you can head over here ==> Joey Atlas


All of the above things combined will result in cellulite reduction.  There are no miracle creams or secrets.  It’s all about good old fashioned Joey Atlas Cellulite – working out.  Having said that, workout smarter and not harder!  Get on a great Joey Atlas Cellulite program + Free Bonus Limited Time Offre here, that is tailored to your body and your goals.  Everyone is different, but following these 5 tips practically guarantees your cellulite will vanish.


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